CONSULTING – The practice of helping organizations (schools, community) to improve their environments, primarily through the process of analyzing existing conditions and developing plans for growth and improvement.

Consulting services provided by Safe and Caring are designed to assist schools and communities in ensuring they are welcoming, caring and respectful places for all – children, youth and adults. These services will look different for each school and/or community and will be based on specific interests and needs.

Consulting services could include assistance with:

  • Assessing “current reality”
  • Choosing an approach, program/initiative or resources to meet specific needs
  • Supporting implementation of school-wide program/initiative
  • Providing information regarding the revised School Act and new Education Act
  • Supporting policy development
  • Building connections to other agencies/organizations to provide support
  • Providing customized consultation and resource development for parents and teachers based on individual needs

For more information, including costs, please contact our office at 780-822-1500 or


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