COACHING – Training or development process through which an individual or individuals are supported while achieving a specific goal.

Safe and Caring provides coaching support to school staff and community members around supporting culture change related to welcoming, caring, respectful and safe environments. This coaching may be to support the delivery of a professional development session, as a follow-up to a professional learning activities or around choosing/implementing new strategies and approaches. Coaching (short or longer term) focuses on building knowledge, skill and capacity to ensure sustainability and can be provided in person or via phone, Skype or other electronic means.

Coaching topics can include:

  • How to implement evidence-based programs or approaches (e.g., Teen mentoring, restorative practices, WITS)
  • Policy development to meet expectations of the Education Act
  • Enhancing school culture to be more welcoming, caring, respectful and safe
  • Customized coaching based on individual needs

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