• Respectful Schools Toolkit

    A partner initiative: The Respectful Schools Collaborative Project and toolkit were created to help schools, teachers and communities create respectful and safe learning environments through Human Rights Education Online Toolkit Here

  • School Diversity Policy Toolkit

    Details Here

  • Orange Shirt Program Resources

    The Safe and Caring Orange Shirt Program has many resources for teachers and parents! Orange Shirt Program Resources

  • Alberta School Audit

    The Audit process provides an opportunity for individual schools or school districts in Alberta to acquire data on how welcoming, caring, respectful and safe their schools are. This is done through direct involvement of students, staff and parents who participate in a variety of surveys and interviews which are conducted by a team deployed from Safe and Caring Schools & Communities. Learn More

Resources for Supporting Healthy Relationships

Research is clear that a comprehensive approach, focused on promoting healthy relationships, is the most effective way to create welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environments that prevent and address bullying behaviour. Healthy relationships are built on the belief that everyone is equal and has inherent value. From this perspective, everyone has a role in creating welcoming, caring, respectful and safe learning environments.

Resource Categories

Understanding & Valuing Diversity

Individual and cultural differences are an expression of diversity that needs to be anticipated and embraced. Click here to READ MORE

Engaging Students

Engagement is about creating authentic opportunities to develop and explore healthy relationships so students can make a difference in their schools and communities. Click here to READ MORE

Understanding Bullying Behaviour

Being informed about bullying is the first step in addressing bullying behaviour and promoting healthy relationships. Click here to READ MORE

Responding to Bullying Behaviour

Bullying affects everyone, including those who engage in bullying behaviour, those who experience bullying, and bystanders who witness the bullying. Click here to READ MORE

Creating Welcoming, Caring, Respectful and Safe Learning Environments

Building safe and caring learning environments helps support healthy relationships, prevent bullying behaviour and promote positive mental health. Click here to READ MORE

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