What Can I Do If I See Someone Being Bullied?


Those who witness bullying have the power to stop it. If you see someone being bullied, show that you CARE.

Care about others

Ask an adult for help

Reach out

End it


  • If you see someone being bullied, offer to help.
  • Invite him or her to hang out with you and your friends (people who bully often target someone who spends a lot of time alone).
  • Tell the person being bullied that it’s okay to ask for help, and talk to an adult about the problem.
  • Tell the person who has been bullied that you are willing to help with any future problems.
  • Don’t try to solve the problem by bullying back.
  • Keep your word, once the bullying incident has passed, make sure you don’t ignore the person who has been bullied—he or she needs to know that others are looking out for them.

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