What Can I Do If I Am Bullied?


If you are bullied, recognize that it is not your fault, and know that you have the right to be safe.

To be safe, think SAFE:

Stand up for your self

Ask for help

Figure out your choices

End it calmly.


  • If you are bullied, stand proud and make eye contact.
  • Use a firm voice and tell the person who is bullying to stop–then walk away.
  • Ask a friend to help you, and tell adults about the problem until someone helps.
  • Think about different ways to handle the situation, but don’t name-call or get into a physical fight.
  • Even though it might be difficult, show respect and treat the person who is bullying you the way you would like to be treated.
  • Don`t believe any negative things the person who is bullying might say about you.
  • Don`t blame yourself for the bullying, and don`t think that it`s “tattling” to ask for help. Not telling anyone will only allow that person to continue to bully you and others.

Click here to download the SAFE strategy tip sheet…