Talking With Parents About Bullying


Ensure the school’s code of conduct addresses bullying behaviour directly and clearly describes how the school will respond.

Consider identifying a key person at the school for parents to contact when bullying behaviour is an issue.

Speak to the parents of the student who has been bullied and the student who is engaging in bullying behaviour separately. Use clear and simple language and stick to the facts. Do not debate motivation or whether the incidents were provoked or defensible.

Remind parents that it is the school’s goal to maintain a safe and caring environment for all students. Review the expectations for student behaviour and the consequences of bullying behaviour. Aggression doesn’t solve problems, it creates them. Teach alternatives and provide strategies for home use that reinforce school practices for conflict resolution.

Explain to parents of the student who has been bullied how school personnel will respond to ensure safety and assist in stopping incidents involving bullying. Be prepared to describe specific strategies the school will use to ensure safety and enhance development of coping skills. Explain to parents the consequences of bullying behaviour within the school. Establish ongoing communication and check-ins in the form of regular telephone calls, notes or e-mails.