Orange Shirt Program Lesson Plans & Resources
Kindergarten – Grade 3
  • Read a book that talks about the first day of school such as Jessicaby Kevin Henkes, Scaredy Squirrel by Melanie Watt or The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn.
  • Have students talk about their feelings about the first day of school or when they were courageous/brave.
  • Read Phyllis’s story
  • Have students colour the two sided shirt template
  • Create a class book illustrating Phyllis’ story with promotes and student illustrations

When I was Eight by Margaret Pokiak-Fenton

Olemaun is eight and knows a lot of things. But she does not know how to read. Ignoring her father’s warnings, she travels far from her Arctic home to the outsiders’ school to learn. Based on the true story of Margaret Pokiak-Fenton, and complemented by stunning illustrations, When I Was Eightmakes the bestselling Fatty Legs accessible to younger readers. Now they, too, can meet this remarkable girl who reminds us what power we hold when we can read.

  • After reading the book have the students colour orange hearts and write messages for Olemaun. These messages may be words of understanding, or I know/I wonder questions about her experience at the school available read online on youtube)