Spring Newsletter


A message from our Chair: Spring has sprung… oops, not yet! Welcome to another odd Alberta spring! The good news is that your Safe and Caring team has been growing all sorts of amazing, groundbreaking projects that will ensure our youth grow into successful leaders in their own right. Our team has replanted the ART program and developed the new Safe … Read More

FOCUS ON: Celebrating Our Youth

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by: Susan Hopkins, Ed.D., Executive Director and Barry Davidson, Managing Director We look at adolescents and often our very selective memory seems to kick in with some vague conception that young people today have no similarity to the young people we once were. That’s just not so—think back to when you were a youth and “knew it all.” Young people are … Read More

VIDEO: Abby’s Pay It Forward Project

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In recognition of Random Acts of Kindness Week, we are sharing the story of a young girl named Abby who does a pay it forward project every year around her birthday.  We encourage you to watch Abby’s video and share it with your community.  After all, the world can always use a little more inspiration and kindness.