Spring Newsletter


Happy Spring!
from Safe and Caring Schools & Communities

A message from our Chair:

Spring has sprung… oops, not yet!

Welcome to another odd Alberta spring! The good news is that your Safe and Caring team has been growing all sorts of amazing, groundbreaking projects that will ensure our youth grow into successful leaders in their own right. Our team has replanted the ART program and developed the new Safe and Caring Connections initiative that will be a foundational piece of our resource base Alberta schools can access.
Along with that amazing work the team has been sowing the seeds of our very own School Audit project that will give schools the ability to assess their environments and ensure they create the best safe and caring space possible in the context most appropriate to their students, staff and parents. Combine this with our best in class, evidence-based workshops and resources ensure that our educational leaders have all the tools they need to succeed. 
Safe and Caring has been shining a light on the path to healthy relationships and safe communities for more than 20 years and our team under the leadership of Executive Director Leslie Ronaldson is poised to guide us in our work across all communities in Alberta. By supporting kids in every setting they find themselves in we can build a bright future for our families, schools and communities.
Our communities and students thank you!
Safe and Caring Schools & Communities, Chair


May 19 & 20 Casino Fundraiser and we need volunteers!!
We have been given these dates and are not able to change them. Please consider joining us for a shift.
The money raised by this Casino will directly fund the evidenced based programming and resource development work being done by Safe and Caring Schools & Communities across the Province. 

Please contact Erin Hudson @ (780) 822-1500 or office@safeandcaring.ca if you can help!

Sat. May 19
6:30 PM – 3:15 AM: Chip Runner
11:30 PM – 3:30 AM Count Room
11:30 PM – 3:30 AM Count Room

Sunday May 20
9:30 AM – 7 PM Cashier
6:45 PM – 3:15 AM Cashier
6:30 PM – 3:15 AM Chip Runner
11:30 PM  – 3:30 AM Count Room

Who will design the 2018 Orange Shirt Day Logo?

The Orange Shirt Campaign is a national campaign to promote awareness and education about the history of Indian Residential Schools, the experience of residential school survivors, and the intergenerational impact of residential school experiences.
Orange Shirt Day and the logo contest provide opportunities for schools and communities to engage in meaningful conversations about our history. 
Students are invited to submit original artwork that helps present the topic in an interesting way that can help others understand Orange Shirt Day. 
The winning logo will be selected in June and will be featured on the official 2018 Orange Shirts sold through Safe and Caring and worn on Orange Shirt Day in September!  
More information about Orange Shirt Day including contest rules and details on how to enter are available on our website.  
Enter by May 15, 2018

Safe and Caring Connections – ART® Program is a 10-week course that is designed to help youth aged 12-17 who are experiencing challenges in communicating and responding to conflict. The program provides participants with an opportunity to develop skills to improve their communication, increase emotions management and reduce aggressive behaviours. Students learn skills that help them to develop and maintain positive connections with themselves, others and their community. 
The Safe and Caring Connections – ART® program is being delivered in two First Nation communities, Tsuut’ina First Nation and Bigstone Cree Nation. The students in these communities are the only ones in Canada that are receiving this training!

The Safe and Caring Connections – ART® program is now entering year four of implementation. The team in Bigstone Cree Nation has delivered this training to 5 groups of students, and the team in Tsuut’ina has delivered training to 4 groups. In addition to training, the students have opportunities to participate in community activities that promote accountability and responsibility. Follow us on Facebook to see the exciting things that are occurring within this program @ Safe and Caring Connections – ART Program.

Above: Meet our program facilitators, Winston, Kathleen, Chad, and Layne, who are making a massive impact on the students in the ART® Program