RESEARCH: An Environmental Scan of ‘Safe and Caring’ Practices, Programs and Policies in Alberta

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Parents, schools and communities agree that helping children and youth engage in and maintain healthy relationships is an important and common concern. As social learning environments, schools are ideally positioned to help build these skills and relationships. However, schools face many challenges within the current landscape, including competing pressures to promote both academic and social outcomes, fragmented and uncoordinated programming, and lack of resources.

Recognizing the need for an enhanced and coordinated collective effort to encourage healthy relationships and foster safe and caring learning environments, Safe and Caring has conducted an environmental scan and stakeholder consultation to identify existing programs and supports and better understand the needs of educators, schools and school systems in Alberta regarding healthy relationships and bullying prevention. These findings reflect the current state of safe and caring practices, programs and policies across Alberta.

This report identifies findings, including the strengths and gaps in the current environment, as well as recommended next steps for Safe and Caring and our partners. We will be using this report to shape our upcoming strategic directions and initiatives.

Safe and Caring has developed a snapshot report summarizing key findings, available for viewing, printing or download on our website.

If you are interested in reading the full report, you can access it through our dedicated resource hub:

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