COMMUNITY: Celebrating the LG’s Circle on Mental Health

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Lovely words from our partners at the Lieutenant Governor’s Circle on Mental Health and Addiction. To learn more about the Circle and His Honour’s work supporting Albertans’ mental health, visit:


His Honour, Col. [Ret’d] the Hon. Donald S. Ethell, Lieutenant Governor of Alberta: “Since its creation in 2011, the central goal of the Lieutenant Governor’s Circle on Mental Health and Addiction has been to foster understanding, awareness and compassion. Working together with many of the outstanding mental health teams and organizations in place across Alberta, we’re focused on making it safe for people to reach out for help and to talk openly and honestly about mental health. My hope for our youngest citizens is a province where no one ever suffers in silence and where the path to recovery is always open. I hope that all young Albertans can enjoy the benefits of positive mental health…to be resilient and strong in times of challenge…to feel the support and encouragement of a caring circle around them…and to be confident and engaged in a way that allows the best of who they are to shine through.”



Dr. Glynnis Lieb, Executive Director, LG’s Circle on Mental Health and Addiction: “Part of the LG Circle’s uniqueness is that all of its resources are devoted to providing the annual True Awards as well as public events that promote mental health awareness and stigma reduction. We are fortunate to be able to focus 100% of our efforts on helping to keep the conversation going, and to let Albertans who are facing mental health challenges know that they are not alone…that they can reach out for supports and that they deserve to receive them.”


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