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What are basic human rights? How do students’ cultural backgrounds impact their sense of  belonging at school and with their peers?

Students from Edmonton’s Centre High campus, in collaboration with Safe and Caring, are exploring this issue  by participating in the youth action project “Violence and Bullying Prevention Through Human Rights Education.” Funded by the Alberta Human Rights Multiculturalism Fund, this project provides students with the opportunity to be actively involved in identifying human rights issues within their school and developing a project to address bullying, violence and promote healthy and respectful relationships. It is hoped that through this project students will develop a greater respect for different backgrounds and experiences, an understanding of their own basic rights, and cultivate the necessary communication and leadership skills to put their own world-changing ideas into action.

The head of the Social Studies Department at Centre High says this project “provides students with the ability to become active citizens and practical instruments of change.  It gives them an opportunity to become leaders in their school community and hopefully inspire them to continue in their post-secondary institutions as critical thinkers and community minded individuals.”

Centre High Human Rights Taem

The Centre High Human Rights Team

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