About the Orange Shirt Program Logo Contest

Every year Safe and Caring invites Alberta students to engage in recognizing and celebrating the Orange Shirt Program by participating in the the annual Orange Shirt Program Logo Contest. The winning submission becomes the official logo of the Alberta Orange Shirt Campaign, and is featured prominently on t-shirts, campaign materials, and online. The winner will also be invited to the Safe and Caring Alberta Orange Shirt Program event, and presented with a framed copy of their artwork.

Students are asked to submit designs that:
-Reflect their interpretation and understanding of Orange Shirt Day,
-Show creativity and originality, and
-Presents the topic in an interesting way that can help others understand Orange Shirt Day.

  • Contest is open to all Alberta students
  • Designs must be original artwork
  • Participation grants Safe and Caring the rights to reproduce artwork
  • Entries must be submitted by May 17, 2019  

Submit logos and completed submission form by email to:


by mail to:

Safe and Caring Schools & Communities
11010-142 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T5N 2R1

  • The logo will appear on official orange t-shirts, print materials and online.
  • The logo must be able to scale in size for smaller formats
  • The official title for the Orange Shirt Initiative is “Every Child Matters” you are welcome to include this text in your design, but it is not mandatory.
  • The winning logo will be printed in black on an orange shirt.


We are very pleased to announce the 2018 Orange Shirt Program Logo contest winner. Sophie St Cyr is a grade five student from Calgary, and her design was selected from the 665 entries Safe and Caring received from students across Alberta!

Orange Shirt Program Events

Join us or plan your own Orange Shirt event!

For Media Inquiries please contact;
Stacey Lozinski
Project Manager, Orange Shirt Day
Safe and Caring Schools & Communities
780-822-1500 | slozinski@safeandcaring.ca | @SafeAndCaring

4 Comments on “Orange Shirt Program Logo Contest”

  1. Congratulations Sophie! Your design was very thoughtful and respects not only those that survived but honours those who didn’t. It will really mean something to wear an orange shirt with this logo on it.

  2. Well done, Sophie! I plan to share your art work with my grade 5 students in Okotoks and I am sure they will be impressed with your thoughtfulness, awareness and artistic talent. Thank you!
    Ms. Szuromi

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