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Past media:

Pink Shirt Day anti-bullying awareness day in Alberta

Global News Edmonton

February 24, 2016

Description: It started small, but it has grown into a huge international effort to end bullying. Wednesday marks Pink Shirt Day. Thousands of kids and adults across Canada will wear pink shirts to take a stand against bullying. Barry and Leslie from Safe and Caring Schools and Communities joined the Global Edmonton Morning News to talk about why the day is so important.


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Collaboration makes a difference in remote community

ATA News

June 9, 2015

Description: The Wabasca community has been an active partner with Safe and Caring in delivering social emotional programming to elementary students. This collaborative approach has improved outcomes and raised greater awareness of issues within the community.



Pink Shirt Day 2015

CTV Morning News, CTV Edmonton

February 25, 2015

Description: In celebration of Pink Shirt Day, Safe and Caring’s Director of Community Partnerships David Rust and youth advisor Stephen Kaiswatum chat about the importance of healthy and caring relationships for children, youth and adults.


School-wide effort earns award

Sherwood Park News

December 8, 2014

Description: Feature article celebrating Fultonvale Elementary Junior High and Principal M J Nam for winning Safe and Caring’s HEROES of a Safe and Caring World Award. Fultonvale received the 2014 School Impact Award for their ongoing successful inclusion of restorative practices into the school community.



Dec 5 2014, Stuart Shanker, AB Primetime

The core of bullying behaviour 

Alberta Primetime, CTV Two Alberta

December 5, 2014

Description: Dr. Stuart Shanker, keynote for Alberta Safe and Caring Schools Forum and Safe and Caring partner, discusses childrens’ natural empathy and why some kids engage in bullying behaviour.



Nov 19 - Klimchuk - CTV News @ NoonBreakfast fundraiser for the Society for Safe and Caring Schools & Communities

CTV News at Noon, CTV Edmonton

November 19, 2014

Description: Heather Klimchuk makes a statement about the importance of addressing the issue of bullying at Safe and Caring’s 8th Annual Creating Safe Spaces Waffle Breakfast.


Nov 19 - NBAW with Susan and David - CTV News at NoonNational Bullying Awareness Week

CTV News at Noon, CTV Edmonton

November 19, 2014

Description: Safe and Caring Executive Director Susan Hopkins and Director of Community Partnerships David Rust discuss National Bullying Awareness Week, as well as the Society’s recently completed “Collaborate and Create” mosaic project.


Sherwood Park News, NBAW 2014 - Changing the Conversation

Changing the conversation

Sherwood Park News

November 18, 2014

Description: Safe and Caring Project Manager and restorative justice specialist Caroline Missal walks readers through effective strategies for building a safe, caring and friendly school culture where bullying and other inappropriate behaviours are less likely to occur.


Nov 17, 2014 - Dada, AB Primetime

What causes a child to become a bully? 

Alberta Primetime, CTV Two Alberta

November 17, 2014

Description: Safe and Caring Youth Engagement Coordinator Dada Mwemera and Executive Director Susan Hopkins discuss the impacts and causes of bullying, and the need for schools and communities to address the potential harm caused by bullying.


Nov 7 - Dada - CBC Radio Active

Young Edmonton woman helps teens struggling with bullying

CBC Radio Active, CBC Edmonton

November 7, 2014

Description: Safe and Caring Youth Engagement Coordinator Dada Mwemera talks with Radio Active’s Portia Clark about her own experiences with bullying and the difference we can all make.


Dec 8, 2014 - SOS - LGBTQ Suicide

There is hope and there is help

SOS Safety Magazine, Edmonton Edition

Fall 2014

Description: See pages 26-27 for Safe and Caring’s article on the risks of suicide amongst LGBTQ youth, as well as strategies for dealing with thoughts or feelings of suicide. Safe and Caring wants all struggling teens to know they are not alone, and that there is help available.



Mental health matters: Awareness week promotes keeping your mind healthy, just like your body

St. Albert Gazette

May 07, 2014

Description: Safe and Caring Director of Community Partnerships David Rust and Executive Director Marni Pearce encourage readers to initiate conversations about positive mental health amongst students, adults that work with them, as well as parents.


May 5, 2014 - CTV News at Noon - Mental Health Awareness Week

 Marking the start of mental health awareness week

CTV News at Noon, CTV Edmonton

May 5, 2014

Description: Safe and Caring Director of Community Partnerships David Rust and Mental Health Foundation Executive Director Ronald Laginski discuss Mental Health Awareness Week and the importance of starting a dialogue about mental illnesses.



Pink Shirt Day

Morning News Edmonton, Global News

February 26, 2014

Description: Safe and Caring Executive Director Marni Pearce and Associate Minister of Family and Community Safety Sandra Jansen discuss the value of Pink Shirt Day for raising awareness and building community.



National Bullying Awareness Week

Morning News Edmonton, Global News

November 22, 2013

Description: Marni Pearce, Executive Director from The Society for Safe and Caring Schools and Communities and Mickey Annich from BAM Youth talk about the impact of bullying and how to help children and youth build healthy relationships.


SC_ata_nbaw2013_webHalf of Alberta children and youth have been bullied – Survey

ATA News

November 19, 2013

Description: The Society for Safe and Caring invites Alberta teachers to stand up against bullying and promote healthy relationships this National Bullying Awareness Week.


Feb 23, 2014 - Bullying Feature

Anti-bullying Strategy updates

ShawTV Edmonton

February 23, 2012

Description: Safe and Caring Executive Director Donna Blundell and Principal/Safe and Caring Board Member Sheila Nash weigh in on effective strategies for reducing the instances of bullying in Alberta schools.


Oct 11, 2011 -The Casket - Seminars in Antigonish

Seminars discuss making schools safer and more caring

The Casket

October 11, 2011

Description: Karen Hobbs and Colleen Soetaert of the Edmonton-based Society for Safe and Caring Schools and Communities performed seminars on positive social behaviour and bullying prevention Sept. 28 to 30 in Antigonish.



Public school board getting tough on bullying

Edmonton Examiner

February 25, 2011

Description: Safe and Caring to participate in Edmonton Public School Board’s new Anti-Bullying Advisory Committee, alongside a trustee, administrator, staff member, high school student and elementary school parent.


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