HEROES of a Safe and Caring World Award



Honouring those who have taken steps to help create a safe and caring society.

What can we do as individuals to reduce the incidence of bullying, violence or sexual exploitation?  When faced with these violations, as victim or witness, how does one respond?

Perhaps you know someone who has been active in reducing bullying and other violence or has responded to it with an act of extraordinary bravery, compassion or commitment.  Perhaps someone has taken steps to build safer, more caring schools and communities, preventing such incidents from recurring.

Safe and Caring considers such acts to be heroic, and we want to hear from you. The HEROES of a Safe and Caring World Awards (HEROES Awards) recognizes individuals and organizations who demonstrate a commitment to creating safe, caring, healthy and inclusive schools and communities.

Anyone is eligible for nomination – children, youth, teachers, adults, schools, community organizations, government representatives and businesses.

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What is a safe and caring school and community? 

The goal of Safe and Caring, and of the HEROES Awards, is to achieve safe, caring, healthy and inclusive schools and communities. These are places where all individuals – children, youth, teachers, parents, and community members – treat each other with respect and kindness and work to create safe, caring, healthy and inclusive environments.  These are environments where diversity is affirmed within a framework of common values, and where all members participate in decision-making and cooperate to promote community wellbeing.

About Safe and Caring

Safe and Caring is a not-for-profit organization which builds community capacity to prevent bullying, violence and exploitation through the promotion of healthy relationships. Safe and Caring helps to create safe, caring, healthy and inclusive environments to support child, youth and community wellbeing.

Safe and Caring honours the following guiding principles:

  • Dignity and Respect – Through promoting and supporting healthy relationships, respect and dignity, our schools and communities demonstrate inclusion for all.
  • Evidence Based – Safe and Caring provides research-based programming, resources and workshops that help adults create safe, welcoming and caring spaces for children and youth in their homes, schools and communities.
  • Empowering Schools and Communities – Through providing education and training for prevention and intervention strategies, Safe and Caring helps make schools and communities safer and more caring for all children, youth and their families.
  • Engagement of Children and Youth – Listening, understanding and responding to the needs of children and youth is necessary for effective mobilization of their passion, energy and values.  Supporting youth action also helps create ethical citizens and leads to long-term social change.
  • Collaboration with Partners and Stakeholders – Working with individuals, groups and organizations to promote healthy relationships realizes greater and more sustainable positive impact on our communities.