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National Bullying Awareness Week (NBAW)

NBAW began in 2002 when an Alberta father and educator, Bill Belsey advocated bullying prevention through education and awareness. NBAW has grown and is now celebrated across Canada and around the world.

The goal of this annual event is to increase awareness around the importance of preventing bullying and promoting healthy relationships. Bullying can affect Albertans in their schools, workplaces, communities and online. Bullying creates fear and threatens the safety and well-being of individuals, families and society as a whole. When bullying happens, all of us suffer.  To decrease or eliminate bullying behaviours, we need to work together to create a civil society built on healthy and respectful relationships. When people feel respected and included, they are more likely to reach their potential, give back to their communities and promote healthy relationships with others.

Be Inclusive, Be Kind, Be Respectful
NBAW reminds Albertans about the importance of promoting healthy relationships. This year, all Albertans are encouraged to “Be Inclusive, Be Kind, Be Respectful.”

Promoting Positivity
Positive Post-It Notes began when Alberta youth Caitlin Haacke posted positive notes to prevent bullying in her community. Positive Post-Its has spread across Canada and the world. The RCMP adopted a similar approach with “Positive Tickets” and has been recognizing positive behaviours demonstrated by Albertans.

Albertans are encouraged to prevent bullying and promote healthy relationships by using Positive Post-Its to share inclusive, kind and respectful messages. Albertans can use social media to share their messages by taking a picture of their Positive Post-It or creating a digital Post It and sharing it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #BeYou #BullyFree.

How Do I Participate?
Get involved in NBAW by sharing positive Post-Its and taking part in the events in your community! We all have a role in creating an inclusive, kind and respectful Alberta and beyond! Here are a few events happening in Alberta:

  • Monday (Nov 16) – Youth Engagement: As part of the “This Is Our Canada: Exploring the West Retreat” the John Humphrey Centre is challenging young people to share their thoughts on healthy relationships. Listen, learn and share your story.
  • Tuesday (Nov 17) – Schools: Schools are encouraged to set up a space where members of their school community (students, staff, families, community partners, etc.) can post positive notes and messages.
  • Wednesday (Nov 18) – Cyberbullying: Participate in our webcast about cyberbullying and promoting healthy online behaviours. Our panelists will be available to answer questions via live chat.
  • Thursday (Nov 19) –Workplaces: Workplaces across Alberta are encouraged to promote healthy relationships by setting up a space where employees can post positive notes and messages.
  • Friday (Nov 20) – Communities: Encourage people in your community to share how they promote healthy relationships in local clubs, sports, faith-based organizations, community events and more.
  • Saturday (Nov 21) – Gay Straight Alliance Conference: All K-12 students, teachers, administrators, school resource officers, and other school staff are invited to find out more about creating, supporting and sustaining a GSA at this Calgary conference.  Visit for more info.

Where Can I get More Information?
Learn more about NBAW and get more information on how to prevent bullying and promote healthy relationships by visiting

Print and download National Bullying Awareness Week handout

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