FOCUS ON: Healthy Relationships

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Creating positive learning environments for students, staff, and families is a priority for many school and community leaders. While the language and approach to creating a positive culture may vary – often depending on the kinds of issues that school staff focus on – the key component to all effective approaches is always positive and healthy relationships. Healthy relationships are … Read More

IN THE NEWS: Pink Shirt Day

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Last week, Safe and Caring’s leadership team Barry Davidson and Leslie MacEachern went on Global News Edmonton to raise awareness about the impacts of bullying for Pink Shirt Day. Click here to watch the video!

COMMUNITY: What It Means to Wear Pink on Pink Shirt Day

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Chances are you’ve heard of Pink Shirt Day. Perhaps your office is encouraging you and your colleagues to participate. Perhaps your kids are celebrating at school, or you’ve heard about an upcoming anti-bullying day on the news. Perhaps you are organizing a school or community initiative, selling or giving away branded pink shirts, distributing posters, and actively promoting the day. … Read More

PERSPECTIVES: Shaping a Safe and Caring Future

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by: Barry Davidson, Executive Director  There has been a tremendous amount of material developed in Alberta over the past years in the area of bullying and developing healthy relationships. Safe and Caring Schools and Communities has been at the forefront of much of this evidence-based work. For almost two decades we have created materials and tool kits that school and … Read More

COMMUNITY: 25 Ways to Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week

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Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week (February 14-20, 2016) with some of these family-friendly ideas! Celebrate yourself, or encourage your classroom or workplace to get involved! Write each member of your family a notes, telling them why you appreciate them. Encourage the rest of your fam to do the same. Smile at 15 strangers each day. Leave your barista an … Read More

RESOURCE: Signs You Are in a Healthy Romantic Relationship

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Last week we kicked off February, the month of love, caring, and friendship with our latest resource: The Importance of Romantic Relationships. Today, we are pleased to share the next installment in our tip sheet series on Healthy Romantic Relationships! Signs you are in a healthy romantic relationship was developed in partnership with Dr. Matthew Johnson from the Department of … Read More

RESOURCE: Importance of Romantic Relationships

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Here at Safe and Caring, we value healthy relationships of all kinds! With Valentines Day and Family Day right on the horizon, we see February as a month of love, caring, and friendship! That’s why we are thrilled to share our most recent resource with you. Safe and Caring has partnered with two researchers from the University of Alberta, Department … Read More

COMMUNITY: Bullying Awareness Week 2015, November 15-21

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Print and download National Bullying Awareness Week handout National Bullying Awareness Week (NBAW) NBAW began in 2002 when an Alberta father and educator, Bill Belsey advocated bullying prevention through education and awareness. NBAW has grown and is now celebrated across Canada and around the world. The goal of this annual event is to increase awareness around the importance of preventing … Read More