You Deserve a Healthy Relationship

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RHands to heartomantic relationships have the power to impact our lives in countless ways. They can provide excitement, complexity and fulfillment, but sometimes they can also have a detrimental effect.

Relationships come in many forms and it’s not always easy to tell if yours is healthy. Friends and family can tell you what they think, but it’s important to be able to decide for yourself.

Safe and Caring has developed a healthy relationship checklist to assist with this. We’ve pulled key information from decades of relationship research to help you decide if your relationship is healthy, or not.

This Valentine’s Day, ask yourself, “how healthy is my relationship?”, and compare it with our checklist:

  1. You are comfortable being yourself.

You don’t feel pressured to become someone else in the relationship and you don’t expect your partner to be someone they aren’t. Though we grow through our interactions with intimate partners, change should occur naturally and should not result in someone you don’t recognize.

  1. You trust your partner to treat you honourably.

Trust is the foundation of intimacy.  You have the confidence to share your private thoughts and feelings with your partner, without worrying the information will be told to anyone else. And you know your partner feels the same way.

  1. You feel understood by your partner.

Your partner doesn’t just hear you – they know you. It goes beyond good communication, satisfying our inner craving to be understood and accepted for who we are.

  1. You are able to resolve problems constructively.

Disagreements are an inevitable part of any relationship are not indicative of relationship health. It’s not what you fight about – it’s how you negotiate your differences that matters.

  1. You and your partner both make the relationship a priority.

For a relationship to flourish, it needs to be nurtured. Spend time together, celebrate each others’ successes and try something new!

  1. Your relationship is supported by family and friends.

It’s important to balance your time with your partner while keeping ties to family and friends. Especially in times of stress – outside support can help you and your partner weather the storm without eroding your relationship.

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