COMMUNITY: Resources for National Bullying Awareness Day 2016

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It’s National Bullying Awareness Week

As a longtime supporter of National Bullying Awareness Week and advocate for safe and caring learning environments, we have a large collection of freely available resources to help you celebrate this wonderful week!

Check out the list below for some ideas on how to celebrate, tips for creating safe spaces, and background information about the impacts of bullying.

How to Celebrate

Creating Safe Spaces

Understanding Bullying Behaviour

Being informed about bullying is the first step to working together to address bullying behaviour and promote healthy relationships.

Responding to Bullying Behaviour

Bullying affects everyone, including those who engage in bullying behaviour, those who experience bullying, and bystanders who witness the bullying.

Managing Stressful Child and Youth Stress

Often, children and youth act out because they are experiencing an unhealthy amount of stress. These resources, created in partnership with our partners at The MEHRIT Centre, explore how calming a child’s stress can improve their ability to learn, socialize, and engage with their peers.

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