COMMUNITY: 25 Ways to Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week

Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week (February 14-20, 2016) with some of these family-friendly ideas! Celebrate yourself, or encourage your classroom or workplace to get involved!

  1. Write each member of your family a notes, telling them why you appreciate them. Encourage the rest of your fam to do the same.
  2. Smile at 15 strangers each day.
  3. Leave your barista an extra large tip when you order your morning coffee.
  4. Make a point of complimenting your friends and family. Make those around you feel special.
  5. In your classroom or office, write something nice about each of your students/classmates/colleagues on post-its, and leave them on their desk for a friendly surprise.
  6. Plan a nice family dinner.
  7. Bring home-baked cookies or muffins to school or work.
  8. Make a small donation to a local charity.
  9. Shovel your neighbour’s driveway or walkway when you shovel your own.
  10. Offer your seat on a crowded bus or train.
  11. Buy a coffee or tea for a colleague.
  12. Eat lunch for someone new.
  13. Visit a sick friend. Bring them soup or tea.
  14. Pick up litter you see on the sidewalk.
  15. Clean out your closets and donate gently used clothes to a local shelter or Salvation Army.
  16. Pay for the person behind you in a fast food drive thru.
  17. Gather canned goods to bring to a local food bank.
  18. Hold the door open for someone.
  19. Donate books to the library, or local homeless shelter.
  20. Give blood.
  21. Fill up the parking meter for the person who parks in your spot after you.
  22. Let someone ahead of you in line at the grocery store.
  23. Let your parents know how much you love them.
  24. Choose to forgive someone you’ve been upset with.
  25. Treat yourself! Set aside 30 minutes each day to do something that makes you happy, whether it’s yoga, an evening walk, a morning beverage on the porch.

Do you have any other ideas planned to celebrate kindness with upcoming week? Share them with us on Twitter, @safeandcaring #RAKweek

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