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by: Meaghan Trewin, Communications Coordinator

This month, we recognize community champion Pixel Blue College for their generous pledge of $100,000 to a scholarship for youth, to be administered in partnership with Safe and Caring. The Pixel Blue and Safe and Caring “Collaborate and Create” Scholarship will be distributed to youth interested in giving back to their communities through a career in digital media and communication.

Founded in partnership by Curtis Greenland, Michelle Demeres and Frank Phillet, Pixel Blue College specializes in delivering practical and hands-on training in digital media, graphic design and communication. The “Collaborate and Create” Scholarship is part of Pixel Blue’s longstanding community capacity-building strategy, the foundation of which is reaching out to, educating and providing unofficial mentorship for at-risk youth.

According to Curtis Greenland, Director of Education, Pixel Blue prioritizes working with those youth that have fallen through the cracks in a more traditional education environment.

Says Curtis, “Working with at-risk youth that have struggled academically can be incredibly rewarding – seeing that light bulb that suddenly goes on when they realize that they are able to get paid to do something that they are passionate about, and that no one really cares what their past is. The effect can be transformational.”

Ultimately, Pixel Blue wants all of their students to succeed and find their place in the world, to become happy and contributing members of society. As part of this goal, the College also partners with local not-for-profit organizations to connect their students with hands-on design experience. Pixel Blue asks participating organizations to submit requests for design work and assigns them to students. This benefits the organizations, which receive high quality marketing and design collateral for free, as well as the students, who are able to add professional-level work to their portfolios and gain confidence in client-designer relations.

This arrangement has the added benefit of introducing students to local community groups and encouraging them to get involved in charity work throughout their careers. This philosophy of giving back to the community is one that the Pixel Blue team strongly supports in their own lives. Curtis, for example, works with the Pride Centre of Edmonton, and encourages his employees to find their own ways of giving back, including allowing them flexible hours and extra time off as needed for volunteer work.

This article appeared in our December 2014 News Bulletin. Click here to read the rest of the bulletin!

If you, or someone you know, is interested in learning more about or applying for the Safe and Caring Pixel Blue “Collaborate and Create” Scholarship, visit: to learn more!

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