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by: Meaghan Trewin, Communications Coordinator

Christina Rinaldi_webDr. Christina Rinaldi is  a Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Alberta. In addition to being a registered psychologist and respected researcher in the area of child and adolescent social emotional development, she is also a valued member of Safe and Caring’s Board of Directors.

What we at Safe and Caring love about Dr. Rinaldi is her commitment to research-to-practice – to taking her own and others’ research findings and using them to inform real-world educational policy and initiatives.

Dr. Rinaldi believes that there is tremendous opportunity in Alberta for thoughtful conversations about how to better use evidence-based knowledge to promote healthy relationships in all areas of children’s lives. School boards, parents, policy makers and community leaders are all looking for ways to better meet the requirements of the new Education Act, while trying to navigate the changing societal needs that have emerged in light of new digital technologies. Now is the time to collaborate and coordinate our efforts. Dr. Rinaldi suggests that we identify key stakeholders and decision-makers and come to the same table to agree on a common language and set a shared vision. We want our children to experience the same model of healthy relationships across contexts, to learn appropriate behaviour at home as they would in schools or at soccer practice.

Of primary importance, “the focus right now is: How to promote healthy relationships across systems, across the various supports for children – including teachers, coaches, community leaders, parents and peers.”

“All students and children deserve the right and opportunity to grow up in safe and caring environments, to reach their full potential.”  – Dr. Christina Rinaldi

This article appeared in our October 2014 News Bulletin. Click here to read the rest of the bulletin!



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