CHAMPION PROFILE: Ian Hill of the Changing Point

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Ian Hill is a leadership development innovator and humanitarian with a passion for helping others. Drawing from his personal experiences as an adopted at-risk youth turned successful business leader, Ian has dedicated his professional and private life to building stronger and more vibrant communities.

Through his two major ventures, The Changing Point and the Becoming a Community Builder initiative, Ian delivers motivational training to inspire business, not-for-profit and government leaders to make positive changes in their lives and communities.


In his professional community development work, Ian places a strong emphasis on engaging in hands-on grassroots efforts as a catalyst for broader social change. This perspective is directly informed by his own, on-the-ground efforts as founder and Volunteer Chairman of Let Them Be Kids, a Canada-wide not-for-profit organization that raises funds and volunteer support to build playgrounds, skateparks and fitness parks in areas of need. Through Let Them Be Kids, Ian has seen firsthand the powerful impact of a common goal – how a shared project can inspire increased community capacity, resilience and pride.

On a more personal level, Ian’s motivation also stems from overcoming his own challenges as an at-risk youth, as well as from seeing his kids and their peers facing new sets of challenges in school.

To date, Ian’s humanitarian efforts, philanthropy and programs have helped build safe and caring communities for children to grow into thriving citizens in over 100 Alberta communities.

“I believe every individual, every neighbourhood and community is one idea, one voice, one action – one person – away from being better tomorrow than it was yesterday. You can be that one person!” – Ian Hill

“Progress and change are indelibly intertwined; there can be no progress without change.”  Ian Hill

The Partnership

In support of Ian’s mission to give back to the community and inspire “positive change in the lives of individuals, workplaces, neighbourhoods and communities,” Ian and his team partner with local not-for-profits in each of the regions he delivers training.

Safe and Caring is thrilled to have been selected as Ian’s charity of choice for his Edmonton-based Leadership Boot Camp, scheduled for September 17-18 at the Business Link in downtown Edmonton. As Ian’s partner, Safe and Caring will participate in the training to learn more about applying Ian’s community building principles in our work, and will share in the proceeds of the event.

More about Ian

In recognition of his commitment to community building, Ian was named Humanitarian of the Year by the National Council for Community and Justice and the Martin Luther King Jr. Commission. He has also been named an Alder Business Leader by Canadian business icon Harry Rosen, Child Advocate of the Year by Stand for Children and Youth Advocate of the Year by the NAACP. More recently, he was nominated for the Prime Minister’s Social Innovator of the Year Award.

If you are interested in learning more about Ian’s journey or the Changing Point Boot Camps taking place in Edmonton and other Alberta cities this fall, you can learn more and register online at

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